Family Resources

Free Music and Art Resources

Our awesome Elementary Music and Art teachers, Ms. Gray and Ms. Chaney, have put together an assortment of music and art resources for you and your children to enjoy when you have some free time. - Explore different ways to create your own songs by pictures and patterns! - Emily is our favorite children’s songwriter! She uses children’s literature to create songs! We have listened to several in class. – Create your own beatboxing music using this website. Make sure you use the web version (the app isn’t free!) - Pick some of your favorite songs and dance along to the videos! - Explore the New York Philharmonic Orchestra’s website and learn about the different instruments of the orchestra! - Games and fun to learn about classical music! Music theory lessons and activities for students! 


Google Drawing- Create your own digital art! Type in google drawing on your google search. Click on the link and begin drawing.  - Art For Kids Hub - Here you will find some awesome how to draw videos for kids. 

I Can Animate Lite - This is a free app you can download to your phone or device. This app teaches you how to create a Stop Motion Animation Video.  - This website has tons of how to draw tutorials.  - Toy Theater- The art activities include building with colored blocks, doodling, designing, animation, and a glimpse into processes like Matisse's painting and Japanese woodblock prints.