Family Resources


Family Time During the Coronavirus Quarantine
Focus on the Family has put together a wonderful trove of resources from family activities to help children deal with confinement and anxiety. 

Audible Offering FREE Access 
Audible is an audio book store app that is offering free access to its inventory.  In the company's words, "as long as school is closed, we're open."

Lifeway Events Digital Pass 
Lifeway Events has provided a free registration to access Lifeway movies, events, etc. 


Coronavirus Guidance & Prevention:

White House Coronavirus Guidance

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services COVID Response
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Prevention Tips


Managing Anxiety & Stress:

Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation. For prayerful methods to work through the anxiety of this stressful time.

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
Protect Your Health with Immune-Boosting Nutrition. For helpful nutrition tips to help boost your immunity.

Centers for Disease Control
Tips for managing stress and anxiety during this season. 

Academic Activities:
WCA will share a variety of free academic sites very soon! 


Additional Classroom Assistance: 

Student and Parent Tips for Google Classroom
Youtube video by a high school teacher that provides some great tips and information.

Google Classroom for Parents
Youtube video by high school teacher (same as above) with specific instructions and tips for parents. 

Wesleyan Technical Support
Email if students need IT support, or have questions about passwords, etc. 


Free Music & Art Resources

MUSIC: - Explore different ways to create your own songs by pictures and patterns! - Emily is our favorite children’s songwriter! She uses children’s literature to create songs! We have listened to several in class. – Create your own beatboxing music using this website. Make sure you use the web version (the app isn’t free!) - Pick some of your favorite songs and dance along to the videos! - Explore the New York Philharmonic Orchestra’s website and learn about the different instruments of the orchestra! - Games and fun to learn about classical music! Music theory lessons and activities for students! 

Google Drawing- Create your own digital art! Type in google drawing on your google search. Click on the link and begin drawing.  - Art For Kids Hub - Here you will find some awesome how to draw videos for kids. 

I Can Animate Lite - This is a free app you can download to your phone or device. This app teaches you how to create a Stop Motion Animation Video.  - This website has tons of how to draw tutorials.  - Toy Theater- The art activities include building with colored blocks, doodling, designing, animation, and a glimpse into processes like Matisse's painting and Japanese woodblock prints.