Elementary School

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Elementary Chapels


To ask Dr. Ray a question, click here.  To learn more about our Elementary School program which serves grades K1-4th, please visit our Elementary School page here. 

Helpful Contacts

Elementary Specials Teachers:
Art: Ms. Chaney (kchaney@wcatrojans.org)
Chapel: Pastor Paul Coates (pcoates@wcatrojans.org)
Computer: Mrs. Hambright (khambright@wcatrojans.org
Latin:  Mrs. Matzinger (bmatzinger@wcatrojans.org)
Media Center: Mrs. Mack (emack@wcatrojans.org)
Music: Ms. Gray (sgray@wcatrojans.org)
PE: Mr. Pavlack (jpavlack@wcatrojans.org) / Ms. Cook (bcook@wcatrojans.org)
STEM: Mr. Steindel (jsteindel@wcatrojans.org)

Elementary Resource Teachers:
Mrs. Fulp (mfulp@wcatrojans.org)
Mrs. Trent (etrent@wcatrojans.org)