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Lane Sullivan - Class of ‘09

Tell us about your family:
I recently married my wife, Gabriela, in December of 2017.

What is your current job?
I am a Combat Systems Officer in the United States Air Force (a rated position that is basically a pilot).                    

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?  
My hobbies include weight lifting, nutrition, guitar, basketball, and hiking. 

Share your favorite Wesleyan memory:  
My favorite memory of my time at Wesleyan would be playing on the basketball team my senior year.  I miss playing ball with everyone!  Other than that, I miss my friends Scott Crysel, Austin Lassiter, Adam Mitchell, Donnie Caldwell, Jacob Caldwell, just to name a few! Spending the years with them at Wesleyan was quite the blessing. I'd like to give a personal shout out to my 4th grade teacher Mr. Woodell. He was a huge influence on me and I would consider him my most inspirational teacher. 

Olivia Honeycutt - Class of ‘11

Tell us about your family: 
My mother and father David and Ruth Honeycutt live local here in High Point. My sister, Ashley Walker also an Alumni of WCA lives in GA with her husband daughter and two wonderful boys whom they have fostered for the last two years. Family is everything to me. We are a strong family that leans on each other each day.  I have two fur babies Paddington and Athena who are my life outside of work. 

What is your current school/job?
I graduated from Coastal Carolina University May of 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, minor in Journalism and a Health Communication concentration. I worked for A Cleaner World through High school and some in College on summer breaks. I was offered the Marketing position 2 months before I graduated Coastal. I was honored to accept the position of the Marketing Manager for A Cleaner World. A Cleaner World’s staff has become family over the years, and I would not want to be anywhere else! 
What do you enjoy doing outside of school and work?
Since living at the beach for four years it has become my “special place.”  Every chance I get, I visit friends and spend relaxing time at the beach. I also like going on motorcycle rides with my boyfriend around town when the weather is nice.  My passion is to start working closely with organizations that benefit children who are sick or have special needs. An organization close to my heart is the Make a Wish foundation, and I hope to start volunteer work with them in the coming months. 
Share your favorite Wesleyan memory:
Senior Trip: The trip that my class took to Orlando was a chance to bond and have lasting memories with the friends that I would not be seeing for a good bit of time. 

Matt Owens - Class of '15

Tell us about your family: 
My family is from Asheboro, NC. My dad is a business entrepreneur. He Co-Founded Vesture Corporation back in 1988 and Phase Change Energy Solutions in 2011 which has taken up most of his business endeavors. My mom has been alongside my dad raising us kids and working at his company​ plant in Asheboro. I have 2 sisters, one older and ​one younger. My older sister Victoria, graduated from Asheboro High School and my younger sister Elizabeth followed in her big brother’s footsteps and is enrolled at WCA and just finished her sophomore year!

What is your current school/job?
I Co-Founded the clothing brand “Plane N Simple” with two other WCA Alums, Chase Cranford & Connor Case back in 2014. I am currently still running the business. We just passed our 3rd year of operation.  When I graduated in 2015, I went to Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, to play soccer and study Business Management Entrepreneurship. Those 2 years were filled with many memories, experiences​, and journeys. After encountering the love of the Father I decided to leave college and go to a Discipleship Training School with the largest missions organization in the world, Youth With A Mission aka YWAM! I did a 6 month long school in Kona, Hawaii. The first 3 months are a lecture phase learning about the true nature of God through studying the Word and hearing from many speakers. The last 3 months are spent on a outreach to the nations where we learn to apply everything and how to live lifestyle ​C​hristianity. I was in South Africa for my outreach and it was incredible! I’m currently back with YWAM in Hawaii, working as a staff member​ that will help run the next DTS in July and then lead an outreach team to the nations. 
Share your favorite Wesleyan memory:
I have a plethora of favorite memories from Wesleyan! Looking back, I took so much away from being under the leadership of Coach Reitnour. The soccer program at WCA impacted my character, integrity, and identity as a man forever! I absolutely loved M​rs.​ Amos, who doesn’t? Mrs. Key is the best math teacher on the planet, she walked with me through many headaches...and remembering the closed off streets on Friday night for a packed gym and a WCA vs. GDS basketball game, definitely brings a smile to my face!  


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