Spiritual Emphasis Week Encourages, Opens New Doors to Relationship 

Spiritual Emphasis Week Encourages, Opens New Doors to Relationship 

With so many people experiencing different levels of challenges in their lives this year, it's been tempting to doubt God's goodness.  Thanks to the hard work of Spiritual Life Director Pastor Deon Parker and his 60-member-strong team of faculty, staff, and students, the 2021 Spiritual Emphasis Week was a much-needed and welcome reminder of God's love for his children, his faithfulness, and his infinite power. 

Recognizing we wouldn't be able to all be together in the auditorium, God led us to think outside of the box. Pastor Deon explained, "As I shared with the administration last semester, I really felt that a guest speaker may not be familiar to the students and therefore may not resonate with them right now; instead, I felt the focus needed to be on the Wesleyan family."  With the overarching theme that "God Can", Pastor Deon invited dozens of staff, faculty, and students to participate through production, worship, or by sharing their personal stories about God's work in their lives.  Close to three dozen members of our Wesleyan family shared story upon story throughout the week of God's redemption and faithfulness.   

Our prayer was that this would be a faith-building and a seed-planting week. But by God's grace, it was something even more.  When asked what her favorite part of Spiritual Emphasis Week was, one sophomore shared that "I loved how vulnerable Coach Denton was."  She was not alone. Hearing the personal stories and testimonies of God's work in our Wesleyan family member's lives enabled students and faculty to relate better to one another.  As students saw faculty as the imperfectly perfect humans they are, created by God and redeemed only by His grace, the Lord opened the door to a more profound respect and understanding of each other. 

Now two weeks after Spiritual Emphasis Week, we are encouraged to share some of the results of an anonymous survey of 159 high school and 202 middle school students completed last week at Pastor Deon's request.  First, 98% of middle school students and 89% of high school students reported they enjoyed this year's "God Can" theme!  Anyone who has tried to do something that pleases both middle and high school students simultaneously can proclaim that these numbers represent a huge success! 

Also, overwhelmingly, 96% of both middle and high school students said they liked the personal interviews and testimonies throughout the week.  With many students sharing they appreciated people's willingness to share hard circumstances and experiences, more than half of our middle and high school students said their faith in the reality of God increased during Spiritual Emphasis Week.  Even greater numbers reported that their faith in the infinite power of God increased. 

Likewise, more than two-thirds of middle and high school students said that their faith in Christ to save their souls and positively transform their lives increased during Spiritual Emphasis Week.  Finally, 72% of Middle Schoolers and 62% of High Schoolers shared that they grew in their Christian faith, while 20 middle schoolers and 10 high schoolers who did not have a relationship with God expressed a desire in having one now.  Praise God!

We humbly thank God for his faithfulness to our school and to the people who make up the fabric of the body of Wesleyan Christian Academy.  It is through God's work in the lives of His people that we can accomplish His will and our mission to equip our students to serve Christ and influence the world. 

As a follow up to this incredible week, Dr. Brown, faculty member Shannon Hoots, Pastor Deon and Mr. Rickman shared a joint message this week on the sovereignty of God's will and working through the free-will of man, a Christian's role and responsibility as civil and heavenly residents, finding unity within the body of Christ, and how God uses all these important themes in growing us in maturity and depth of believers.  We encourage you to watch today's chapel by clicking here