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Wesleyan Alumni Bryce Kenny and Maria Reginaldi challenged Wesleyan students to pursue their dreams ... with God.  The Monster Truck Driver and NYC theater performer reminded students to seek God first, and He will open the doors intended for you. 

Trip Brings Marine Biology to Life

When can a ninth grader have the opportunity to build an artificial oyster reef, work in a marine lab run by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), and experience an ecotour on an uninhabited island? Read on.

March Madness for Missions - Small Group

This month, as the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament takes the country by storm, Wesleyan plans to take the Triad by storm with Christ's love. March Madness for Missions gives our students, parents and faculty a beautiful opportunity to take the Gospel, in word and deed, to the people in our area.