Welcome to Fine Arts at Wesleyan

At Wesleyan, we are pleased to offer our students the opportunity to develop and use their unique gifts and talents in performing and visual arts. Our staff is highly trained and is dedicated to developing the skills of each student to maintain excellence in the Fine Arts program.

We are reminded of the importance God places on the arts when He commands us to use our talents skillfully for His glory. Since 2005, the Performing Arts program has been under the capable leadership of Joseph Hilliard, Director of Fine Arts, and has grown by 250% to include 48% of high school students and 47% of middle school students.

In 2007, a private teaching studio was established to provide private instruction in instrumental and vocal music, as well as dance, art and drama instruction. The studio engages 22 professional teachers to provide 240+ private lessons per week for students of the academy and individuals in the community.

A highlight of the department is our annual musical production. We were pleased to present The Wizard of Oz for the great High Point Community in the spring of 2019 with five nearly sold-out performances for over 2400 guests.

It is our desire for the Wesleyan performing and visual arts programs to bring glory to God through the skillful use of the talents of its students. We have adopted Soli Deo Gloria – To God Alone Be the Glory – as the focus of our program.

We trust as you think of Wesleyan as your school of choice, you will consider participating in the performing and/or visual arts programs. It would be our pleasure to have you join other like-minded students who desire to pursue excellence with their unique abilities for the glory of God.