COVID-19 Response

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We realize that questions will arise as we work through this evolving situation. To submit your Wesleyan-specific questions to our administration, individual principals, and nurse, click here

Latest WCA Communication

March 20, 2020
Message and Resources for Wesleyan Students

March 17, 2020
WCA's Early Education Center Update

March 16, 2020

Principals and teachers disseminated emails to parents and students with further instruction, including book and material pick-up times for Tuesday, March 17. Click on your respective division pages in left hand menu for principal communications. 


For previous WCA Communications regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit the Communications Archive listed in the menu bar on the left. 

WCA Needs Your Email


If you have not been receiving any emails from the Academy or your email address has changed, please promptly login to the WCA Portal to edit or add your email address to your contact information on file. 

WCA Current Response Level

Level 3:    Medium alertness level.
A few confirmed, active cases in the Piedmont Triad area and limited transmission in the region. 
(See WCA Levels of Response below for more info)

WCA Response:

We are currently assessing the latest information as it is available to us. We will inform WCA families with pertinent information as we are able.


The following tiered system of alertness will be used by the school to care for and protect our community. To read the complete COVID-19 Response Plan, click here. 

Level 1:  Low level of alertness.
No suspected cases of outbreak in the Piedmont TriadClick here for a description of actions . 

Level 2:  Cautious level of alertness.
Potential cases in the Piedmont Triad. Click here for a description of actions. 

Level 3:  Medium alertness level.
A few confirmed, active cases in the Piedmont Triad area and limited transmission in the region. Click here for a description of actions. 

Level 4:  Increased alertness level.
Onset of community transmission within the school. In other words, members of the immediate Wesleyan community have tested positive and/or are ill. At this juncture, government organizations may direct a temporary school closing and WCA will follow government agency directives. Click here for a description of actions.