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Although we never like to see a student leave, we understand that circumstances change for a few families every year.  If this is the case with your family, and you do not plan on returning to Wesleyan next year, please complete our School Withdrawal Form below.  This form is required and provides written notification to Wesleyan's administration that your child(ren) will not be returning.  
Please complete a separate Withdrawal Form for EACH child.
If you haven't talked with your Principal about your student's withdrawal, someone from our Admissions Office or the Principal may reach out to you to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Acknowledgement of Understanding
I certify that I represent all legal decision-making parties for our child(ren) and that all parties are in agreement about the decision to withdraw from Wesleyan Christian Academy.
I understand that by submitting the Continuous Enrollment Withdrawal Form that I am ending my child's enrollment at Wesleyan, effective at the end of the current school year or by the date indicated above.  I understand that my child's spot will be released and made available to new applicants.
I understand that should I choose to re-enroll at Wesleyan Christian Academy I will be required to re-apply using Wesleyan's new student application. My child will be required to follow all the formal steps of the new student application process including (1) application and new student application fee, (2) academic records review, (3) admission testing, (4) recommendations review, (5) the principal/family interview, and (6) payment of the new student enrollment fee.
I understand that I have to submit this School Withdrawal form by FEB 1 in order to avoid being charged the nonrefundable continuous enrollment fee.
I understand that Wesleyan's withdrawal policy requires that parents withdrawing students after JUN 1, will be required to pay the portion of the school year completed in addition to a minimum of one quarter's tuition. This policy was stated in the Continuous Enrollment Agreement I signed when my child was accepted and is necessary due to the commitments Wesleyan has already made for personnel, supplies, curriculum, and materials based on my child's enrollment. I further understand that, regardless of the circumstances, there are no exceptions to this school board policy.

Please provide an email address where we can send a link to your current form.

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