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Greensboro Bus Route Registration Form

Wesleyan families interested in participating in the Greensboro Bus Transportation Program should complete and submit the following form to our Transportation Office. You may download a copy of the Bus Transportation Agreement here and keep it for your records.

Parent Information

Student Information

Greensboro Pick-Up Locations & Departure Times

All bus stop addresses are proposed and could vary up to a 1-mile radius depending on traffic patterns and other factors. 

Acknowledgment & Understanding of Bus Agreement

By signing below, we acknowledge we have read and agree to abide by all of the policies and procedures listed in Wesleyan Christian Academy's Bus Transportation Agreement. As a Wesleyan student, I understand if I choose not to follow these rules my parents will be contacted and disciplinary measures may be taken that include, but are not limited to: detention, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, losing bus riding privileges, or other consequences as specified in Wesleyan's Parent/Student Handbook.