Trojan Parent Podcast

Periodically, the Student Support Team (SST) will release a Trojan Parent Podcast, delivered by one of the team members addressing various cultural or parenting topics. Over the course of the year, The SST plans to release about 20 episodes for partents.

These podcasts will be accessible on this page and in the Wesleyan Christian Academy-NC app in the News & Podcasts section. 

Podcast Episodes

Episode 5 | September 26, 2022
"Making Room for God in Your Home" 
Spiritual Life Director, Deon Parker

Episode 4 | September 19, 2022
"God's Outfit for For Your Children"

School Nurse, Shannon Moore

Episode 3 | September 13, 2022
Finding Peace
Elementary & Middle School Counselor, Kendra Randazzo

Episode 2 | September 6, 2022
Concerned For The Heart
Upper School Counselor, Leah Totel

Episode 1 | August 29, 2022
You Are Not Alone
Upper School Counselor, Leah Totel