Summer Camps

Don't Miss Wesleyan Summer Camps in 2022!!

To give you an idea of what 2022 Wesleyan Summer Camps will hold, below you will find an overview of our 2021 Summer Camp Schedule, including Summer Day Camp, Athletics Camps and STEM Camps. If you are interested in signing your child up for one of these camps, please check back here in March 2022!!  Thank you for your interest!! 

"My husband and I are so thankful for Wesleyan Summer Camp!  One of the challenges we experience as working parents, is the feelings that come with deciding where your child should be cared for all day and did you make the "right" decision.  We keep coming back year after year to Wesleyan's Summer Camp program because they provide us with the love, security, and fun times we want our child to have. It is so comforting to see our son excited to head there each morning and then energetic to share what he did that day when he is picked up!"


 - Betsy Sweetser, Wesleyan Summer Camp Parent

Below is an overview of our 2021 Summer Camp Schedule. This schedule will give inquiring parents a great idea of what will be in store for 2022.  Please check back in March 2022 to register your child for a great summer at Wesleyan!