Student Support Team

The Mission of Wesleyan Christian Academy

To partner with families by providing a biblically-based college preparatory education so that students will be equipped to serve Christ and influence the world. 


Why A Student Support Team? 

As adults, we know that childhood and adolescence can be a wonderful time. However, it can also be a challenging season for our young men and women. Today's cultural climate has created a unique atmosphere in which our children are growing, maturing and developing their identities and worldviews. 

Thankfully, the Lord is not surprised. In fact, he has created your children for this exact moment. 

Recognizing that the blessing of a college-preparatory, Christian education is best received when a student's emotional, social and spiritual well-being is intact, Wesleyan's Leadership has been working to determine how the school can assist our families in navigating what can be challenging years.

One way Wesleyan's Leadership identified to support our families is through a new Student Support Team, created with the goal of bolstering our students' well-being.



To contact Student Support Team, please call 336.884.3333 or email one of the following team members: 

Deon Parker, Co-Leader
Leah Totel, Co-Leader