Spiritual Life

Elementary National Prayer Day

“…Let the children come to me (Jesus), and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” – Luke 18:16 (NIV)

Spiritual Emphasis Week 1
Spiritual Emphasis Week 2

Above all else, God gives us children to point them toward a faithful relationship with Him. Jesus Christ–the Creator of our children–loves our children, died for our children’s sins, rose from death and lives to forgive, save, empower and lead our children on Earth, before resurrecting them and granting them eternal life in Heaven.

We–Wesleyan Christian Academy–don’t want to get in the way of your children knowing and following Jesus. We want to do just the opposite. We want to point your children to Jesus. Whether they are already followers of Christ, upon their enrollment or become followers of Christ, sometime after their enrollment, we want nothing less than for all of them to be faithfully following Christ by the time they depart from Wesleyan Christian Academy and for them to continue on that journey for the rest of their lives.

This is why we–Wesleyan Christian Academy–are indeed a Christian academy. This is why we have Christian staff members. This is why we have a Spiritual Life Director (Chaplain)–yours truly. This is why we have Bible classes. This is why we have weekly Chapels. This is why we have a Christian mission statement: “To Know and Live the Truth”. All of these things promote Christ–the one true God and the author of the Christian life. Since Christ alone has so many priceless blessings to offer your children, we offer Christ and a Christian environment to your children.

Jesus loves your children. So do I.

Gratefully serving Christ and the WCA family,

Deon Parker
Spiritual Life Director/Chaplain, Wesleyan Christian Academy


Above: Spiritual Life Director Pastor Deon Parker with 2021-2022 Senior Chaplains Claire Atkinson, Ethan Hoots and Jenni Harrell

Spiritual Life Mission

  • To glorify God through serving all of our students.
  • To prayerfully and Biblically minister to all of our students.
  • To model the character of Jesus Christ before all of our students.
  • To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all of our students.
  • To teach the truth of God’s Word to all of our students.
Spiritual Life Director/Chaplain:
Deon Parker

336.884.3333 x237

Spiritual Life Assistant: 
Martha Flinchum
Email: mflinchum@wcatrojans.org