Affording Tuition

Wesleyan Christian Academy works hard to provide a quality Christian education to families at an affordable cost. If you are concerned about the cost of tuition, please visit our Tuition Assistance page and/or contact our Admissions Office to learn more about financial aid and payment options.

2018-19 TUITION & FEES

Elementary K-4
Tuition: $9,500.00
Fees: $425.00
Annual: $9,925.00
10-Month: $992.50
12-Month: $827.08
Middle 5-8
Tuition: $10,600.00
Fees: $450.00
Annual: $11,050.00
10-Month: $1,105.00
12-Month: $920.83
High 9-12
Tuition: $11,300.00
Fees: $475.00
Annual: $11,775.00
10-Month: $1,177.50
12-Month: $981.25
Enrichment K-12
Tuition: $17,995.00
Fees: $475.00
Annual: $18,470.00
10-Month: $1,847.00
12-Month: $1,539.17

Application & Enrollment Fees

New Student Application Fee:  $75.00
The nonrefundable, new student application fee is due at the time of application and covers the application processing and admission testing. You're welcome to pay this fee by debit or credit card when submitting the online application.
New Student Enrollment Fee: $450.00
The nonrefundable, new student enrollment fee is due at the time of admission and reserves your child's spot at Wesleyan. It includes a $225 enrollment/matriculation fee, and a $225 capital improvements fee. This fee is due within 10-days of your child's acceptance to Wesleyan.

Continuous Enrollment Fee

Continuous Enrollment Fee: $150.00
All current students, eligible to return, will be automatically re-enrolled for the next school year in January and billed the nonrefundable, continuous enrollment fee is automatically in February of each year. This fee secures your student's spot and aids WCA in procuring personnel, supplies, and materials. If your plans change, simply notify us in writing by February 1 and you will not be billed the continuous enrollment fee.

Resource & Enrichment Fees

Resource Classes K-4
1 Class: $140.00
2 Classes: $175.00
Billed Monthly: Aug-May
Resource Classes 5-12
1 Class: $140.00
2 Classes: $220.00
Billed Monthly: Aug-May
Enrichment Classes 5-12
Per Class: $220.00
Billed Monthly: Aug-May

Graduation Fees

Graduation Fee: $150.00

Athletic Fees

Middle School Athletic Fees
1 Sport: $75.00
2 or More: $150.00
JV & Varsity Athletic Fees
1 Sport: $100.00
2 or More: $200.00


One Payment

Families wishing to pay the total annual tuition amount can pay by cash, check, or credit card by June 1.

Two Payments

Families wishing to pay in two lump sums. 

Monthly Draft

Families who do not pay in full will be required to sign up for a monthly tuition draft. Both the 10-month and 12-month drafts begin June 1, and extend in equal payments. Parents must sign up for the FACTS Tuition Draft at
The annual tuition and fee amounts above cover:  accident insurance, workbooks, textbook rental, yearbook, elementary collared shirt (K1 - 4), original set of gym clothes (6), CPR class (8), science/computer lab, and PSAT (9-11).

The annual tuition and fee amounts above do not cover:  school lunches, after-school care, class or school field trips, AP classes, resource classes (for general academy students), graduation fees (12), athletic fees, etc.

Withdrawal PolicyParents withdrawing students after June 1, will be required to pay the portion of the school year completed in addition to a minimum of one quarter’s tuition. This policy is necessary due to the commitments Wesleyan has already made for personnel, supplies, and materials based on your child’s enrollment.

International student tuition: Information about international student admission and tuition costs an be found under the International Student Admission link.