"Words cannot express my family’s gratitude for being a part of the Wesleyan Christian Academy this academic school year.  Our son Ronald “Rock” Thornton, III is attending the academy for the first time as a 4th grader. And as you can imagine, having to adjust to a new school environment, making new friends and learning a new curriculum can be a daunting task for any student. God has placed our family here for a reason - to help Rock learn and grow in an environment that has been proactive and not reactive when it comes to his academic, emotional and spiritual success. It has been a journey to find the resources and staff to help fulfill our goals of providing Rock with the quality educational experience he deserves and can THRIVE in. Wesleyan, not only provides him the support he needs, but they have a vested interest in the heart of our son.  His confidence, although not lacking too much in that department, has increased along with his love of learning, and spiritual growth in the short time he has been here. I know God has great plans, not only for him, but all those who are fortunate enough to call Wesleyan Christian Academy their school of choice. May the faculty and staff continue to acknowledge God in all that they do for our students, so that Wesleyan continues to produce outstanding citizens and Christian leaders. God bless you all."

Ronald and Crystal Thornton

"I was waiting outside the classroom one Friday afternoon for my 1st grader who typically heads to the after-school program. As the door to his classroom opened up, I watched the teacher [Ms. McLamb, teacher across the hallway, not his] hug each child that walked out of her classroom, acknowledge them by name and recall something specific that child was planning to do that weekend. Our family makes sacrifices to send our children to Wesleyan and this display of God’s love was just the reminder I needed to affirm they’re exactly where they need to be."

Everett and Lindsay Hancock

"I want to tell you a few things about Wesleyan. First and foremost our 4th grader is getting an education in Christianity that will help her to be the person that God wants her to be. We are blessed to be the parents of two children from China and it was our desire to see them grow spiritually as well as academically. Our oldest is now a sophomore in college. Our youngest has been at Wesleyan since she started Kindergarten. She has learned so many Biblical life applications from the awesome teachers there. She has been shown so much love and respect from the staff and teachers. 

We feel she is getting an exemplary education to go with her spiritual growth. Everyone that we have encountered at Wesleyan has her best interest in mind. We are proud to be a Wesleyan family. We look forward to the future and seeing the growth of Wesleyan and the impact this school will have on young lives in the future."

Charlie and Annette Nicholson