International Student Admissions

All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, O Lord; they will bring glory to your name.

Psalm 86:9

International Application Process


Wesleyan Christian Academy has hosted dozens of international students from across the globe over the years. We are always interested in attracting international students who are motivated to learn, strong in character, and amenable to our high quality, Christian instruction. If you are interested in international admission to Wesleyan Christian Academy, please email our Admissions Director, Angel Taylor, to learn more about the international admissions process and costs. 
International applications are accepted between January 1 through May 1 for 9th through 12th-grades only. Openings are limited and dependent on available space. The international student application fee is $200. For a full list of international student tuition and fees, please contact our Admissions Office.

Grades & Transcripts

The parent/guardian must provide an English translation of the applicant’s grade report and/or school transcript. Students must be in good academic and behavioral standing for the previous year immediately prior to entering Wesleyan Christian Academy.

Personal Recommendations

Please download the following recommendation forms for your international student:
  • Two Teacher Recommendations
  • One Christian Character Reference

Student's Personal Statement

All international applicants are asked to complete a personal statement using the form located to the right. The questions of this form should be answered in the student’s own handwriting.

Admission Testing & English Proficiency

Because Wesleyan Christian Academy does not offer English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, international applicants must be English proficient and will be asked to demonstrate their proficiency before being admitted. Applicants may be asked to provide test results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL Junior). 

Principal Interview

A personal interview with the applicant and the applicant’s parent/guardian or host family is required. Appointments for the interview will be arranged by the High School Assistant after the application is submitted. Due to distance, this interview may take place over the phone, via Skype, or by some other communicative device.

Admission & Enrollment Notification

International applicants will be notified of our admissions decision as soon as possible after completion of the previous application steps. Wesleyan will work with the international student to develop the I-20. 

International Student Insurance

International students attending Wesleyan will need to provide proof of health insurance or sign up for an international health insurance policy through Wesleyan Christian Academy. In addition, students will need to provide the following medical information to our school nurse:

  • Proof of up-to-date immunizations – must have North Carolina state required immunizations 
  • Current tuberculosis (TB) test  
  • Emergency Medical Information Form – Signed by Parent!  

International Student Housing

Currently, Wesleyan Christian Academy does not provide international student housing. Hence, it is the responsibility of the international student’s family to secure housing for the time that they are enrolled at Wesleyan Christian Academy. The school can assist in identifying a host family if requested. The host family must meet the school’s spiritual admissions qualifications and at least one adult must be fluent in English.  The international student’s family must also supply the Host Family with a predetermined living allowance to cover living expenses for each year of enrollment at Wesleyan.