Continuous Enrollment

Continuous Enrollment at Wesleyan Christian Academy is the process we follow to automatically re-enroll current students for the following school year.  Wesleyan is blessed with an annual re-enrollment rate of approximately 95%!!  With such a high retention rate, Wesleyan introduced the continuous enrollment process to make it easier for our parents and students to maintain their registration at Wesleyan year after year until graduation.
Each year, the Admissions Office will begin communicating with families in November as a reminder about this automated process.  In January current students, eligible to return, will be automatically re-enrolled for the next school year.  In February, the continuous enrollment fee will be drafted from our families' student accounts.
To learn more about what you can expect throughout the continuous enrollment process, please read over the Frequently Asked Questions section below.  If you would like to make changes to your child(ren)'s enrollment or the method in which you pay tuition, please review the Enrollment and Tuition Payment Changes section below.

Frequently Asked Questions



Enrollment and Tuition Payment Changes


We're here to help in any way we can. If you have additional questions about the continuous enrollment process, please contact our main academy office at (336) 884-3333.