Defining the Wesleyan Difference.

Every day I get the opportunity to talk with families who are interested in enrolling their children at Wesleyan Christian Academy. Inevitably, new families ask me, "What makes Wesleyan so different?" This is often one of the easiest and most challenging questions to answer because of all the incredible opportunities available to our students. Where to begin? 
If you need a school that can provide the academic support your child so richly deserves due to their diagnosed learning difference, wait until you experience The Enrichment Center at Wesleyan. 
Wesleyan Honors individuality
God has uniquely created every child with specific skills and talents. Wesleyan's job is to encourage students to identify their God-given gifts and use them, according to His purpose.
Wesleyan Provides an exemplary education
Wesleyan students experience the very best in college-preparatory curriculum. Our graduates are earning merit-based college-scholarships to highly competitive universities across the nation and around the world. 
Wesleyan offers championship athletics ANd Award winning performing and fine arts
If your child has an innate gift to perform on stage, compete on the athletic field, or create original works of art, Wesleyan will nourish and strengthen that talent.
Wesleyan Faculty Invest in their Students
Often, a student's academic interest in the classroom is influenced by student-teacher interactions. Wesleyan faculty understand that correlation and take time to build meaningful relationships that cultivate student engagement.

Wesleyan By The Numbers...