Middle School

At Wesleyan, it's our desire to see each student discover and fulfill their potential as a person and citizen. Further, we believe that a Christian environment that places Christ and the Bible as the foundation for all knowledge and life experience creates an ideal environment for their growth and discovery. That is why Wesleyan was created - and why it still stands today. Developing a strong, nurturing Christian environment that supports a rigorous Christian education is, without question, our primary goal. 

Life in the middle school at Wesleyan Christian Academy is exciting and challenging. 
We believe that each student has gifts and abilities given to them by God.

To accomplish this goal, students attend chapel once a week where they hear from a variety of speakers. Our goal is to help them develop biblical knowledge that feeds greater understanding of the Christian faith even during their middle school years. That said, we know that having chapel once a week and offering a Bible class doesn't  make us a Christian school. That distinction comes in the form of faculty applying our faith in every subject area while engaging in the Christian community of Wesleyan. 

Students are offered core content areas of instruction in Science, Math, English, Literature, Social Studies, Bible, Reading, and Spelling. They also are able to take electives that include Chorus, Band, Physical Education, Art, Library/research, foreign language, and Computers. All faculty members are believers and see their role as complimentary to the Christian home through providing an education that develops a Christian world view.

Our goal is to provide a transition from elementary school to high school in which the student gains the necessary skills, responsibility, respect, and resourcefulness to allow them the greatest success possible. Extracurricular opportunities include both competitive and developmental athletics as well as a selection of academic and interest-based clubs.


Mr. Brad Clodfelter
Mr. Brad Clodfelter
Middle School Principal
(336) 884-3333 
Mr. Jaime Cebollero
Assistant Principal
(336) 884-3333
Mrs. Cheryl Martin
Middle School Assistant
(336) 884-3333 x218