High School Curriculum


Wesleyan Christian Academy’s high school is an institution whose goal is to provide excellent academic instruction in a distinctively Christian setting. The school’s mission of developing each student spiritually, physically, academically, emotionally, and socially is reflected in the high school’s curriculum and co-curricular programs. The high school provides a caring, supportive environment for faculty and staff to nurture students in a safe refuge where they can explore and develop their God-given talents and abilities, whether academic, artistic, or athletic.


AP courses are high school courses taught on a college level; consequently, much reading and homework are required. Students receive high school credit for these courses and, upon successful completion of the AP exams, earn college credit (each college determines the number of credit hours it will grant for each course).

Colleges, especially the highly selective ones, do expect to see students challenge themselves in high school. 
The following guidelines apply to all AP courses:

  • All prerequisites should be met (including the Teacher Recommendation).
  • All students in AP classes are required to take AP exams and pay the necessary testing fees ($94 in 2017-18).These fees are billed in the spring of the school year.
  • No more than three AP courses can be taken per year without special permission from the Principal.
  • All students in AP classes are required to purchase materials needed for the courses.


AP Calculus / 1 unit
AP English Literature & Composition / 1 unit
AP English Language & Composition / 1 unit
AP Physics 1 / 1 unit
AP Physics 2 / 1 unit
AP U.S. History / 1 unit
AP Statistics / 1 unit
AP Biology / 2 units
AP Chemistry / 2 units
AP World History / 1 unit
AP Psychology / 1 unit
AP U.S. Government & Politics / 1 unit