High School

"It wasn’t until I got into the heat of the classes at North Carolina State University and started taking tests and quizzes that I realized how much Wesleyan had prepared me for the next level. I could tell that I had an edge on my peers when it came to how I studied and prepared for exams." 

- Luke McPherson, Class of 2019

Our Goal is to provide exceptional academic instruction alongside a distinctively Christian Worldview.

In Wesleyan's High School setting, we work hard to developing each student spiritually, physically, academically, emotionally, and socially throughout the high school’s curriculum and co-curricular programs. 
Our teachers provide a nurturing environment that is a safe refuge where students can explore and develop their God-given talents and abilities, whether academic, artistic, or athletic.
Parents can entrust that their children are for instruction, guidance, and Christian modeling, supportive of the home and church. The faculty is committed to excellent academic preparation for college and to intensive teaching from a biblical perspective. A strong college-prep core of classes, including numerous Advanced Placement courses, enables students to prepare for college in a challenging academic environment. Teachers have a genuine concern for their students and inform parents of their children’s progress through mid-quarter updates, quarterly report cards, and conferences.

The high school desires that all students come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and commit their lives fully to a Christian lifestyle. All aspects of school life — curriculum, instruction, co-curricular activities, athletics, dress codes, and behavioral expectations — reflect a concern for Christian maturity in the student body. Diverse opportunities in athletics, student government, journalism, music, drama, art, leadership, and service are available to students to enable them to develop skills and interests. Students are challenged to use their gifts and resources in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Weekly chapel programs extend the mission emphasis of the school and provide encouragement for students in Bible study, prayer, and discipleship. Students are invited to participate in mission trips sponsored by the school and organized by the school chaplain. Students at our K12 private college preparatory schools have specific opportunities for Christian service through various service clubs and school-sponsored activities such as “senior service.” Christian leadership, service, and character are further fostered and nurtured through numerous opportunities for involvement in special projects throughout the year.

Through all of their programs, goals, and activities, the high school staff, faculty, and students give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ and acknowledge His preeminence.

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