Enrichment Center

The Enrichment Center serves students with mild to moderate learning differences and creates strong, successful, independent learners rooted in God's word. 

The Enrichment Center Difference

Our program is a unique and vibrant offering for families who desire to have their children actively involved in a college-preparatory Christian school but, because of their child's learning differences, are often unable to keep them in a traditional classroom setting. The Enrichment Center is fully integrated into the larger, traditional academy. This enables our Enrichment students to take their core academic subjects in our smaller Enrichment classrooms while their electives, specials, and weekly chapels are part of the larger campus.

Where else can you find this unique program within a college preparatory, Christ-centered community of learning? Come join us on this exciting journey, as we purposefully set out to unlock the keys to these brilliant minds.

Today, I graduated from high school.  There were many long nights that landed in tears... but I was not going to let Dyslexia defeat me.


Wesleyan came into my life in 6th grade.  From there I began to improve in my reading, writing, and math.  The Enrichment Center helped me achieve 'mainstreaming' by 8th-grade.  In high school, most of my classes [were] in the Enrichment Center with one resource and one academy class each year.  


Love has truly been all around me at Wesleyan.  And I can say, I beat those tears finally. I made it.  Without these (Wesleyan) teachers, I could not have done it. At all.  


- Sam Huffman, WCA Class of 2020

The Enrichment Center serves students with the following learning differences:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Auditory & central processing disorders


Our Enrichment Center students benefit from the following services:

  • Small student-teacher ratios
  • Multi-sensory teaching methods
  • Assistive technology instruction
  • Remedial & compensatory skills
  • Modified curriculum & assignments



Ms. Nadine Griffin
Ms. Nadine Griffin
Enrichment Center Principal
(336) 884-3333
Mrs. Cheryl Martin
Enrichment Center Assistant
(336) 884-3333 x218