Students enrolled at Wesleyan Christian Academy meet high academic expectations and become confident, intrinsically motivated, life-long learners.

Wesleyan Christian Academy understands that the Bible is foundational to all truth and, hence, is integrated in all subject areas and at every grade level. We believe that as a school it is our duty to function in a complementary role with the home and church to produce individuals who can think critically and emanate a Christian worldview, becoming productive members of society. Wesleyan Christian Academy is largely Evangelical with most of our families coming from variety of Christian faith traditions.

As teachers we understand that each student is uniquely designed with spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social gifts; therefore, each learns in different ways. That is why a variety of appropriate and relevant instructional approaches and methods of assessment are provided in order to meet the various learning styles of students. Curriculum design, instructional strategies, and learning activities are based on distinct goals and challenging expectations for student achievement. Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of essential knowledge and skills by the use of critical thinking and integrated application.

College Bound

The Wesleyan Class of 2018 received more than $5.9 Million in merit-based scholarships. On average, 90% of Wesleyan graduates attend the college of their choice.

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Clemson University
Appalachian State
Liberty University
UNC Chapel Hill
NC State University
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Messiah College
Wheaton College
Indiana Weslyan University
Southern Wesleyan University