Academic Excellence is Simply Part of our Culture. 

With Wesleyan's vision clearly set on teaching our students to know and live the truth, our faculty is dedicated to doing exactly that, while equipping our students to become all they were created to be.  Through professional learning opportunities that refine their understanding of content knowledge, research-proven teaching strategies, student engagement, and technology integration, our teachers are prepared to challenge our students to use their minds, gifts, and talents for the glory of God. 


Dr. David Ray
Head of School

College Bound

Wesleyan's Class of 2022, made up of 81 seniors, was awarded $6.7 million in merit-based scholarships. This amount does not include financial aid or grants awarded. On average, 90% of Wesleyan graduates attend the college of their choice.

Snapshot of Colleges & Universities Attended


Clemson University
Appalachian State
Liberty University
UNC Chapel Hill
NC State University
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Messiah College
Wheaton College
Indiana Weslyan University
Southern Wesleyan University
Academic Distinction
Students enrolled at Wesleyan Christian Academy learn that each day they will be challenged. But they also learn that the very teacher who challenges them, is the teacher who loves and fights for them daily with tenacity. At Wesleyan, questions are welcome. Curiosity is encouraged. And Christ's Truth  is always the foundation for our answers. The end result? Wesleyan students meet the high academic expectation of excellence set before them and become confident, intrinsically motivated, life-long learners. 

Biblical Foundation
At Wesleyan, we believe that the Bible is the foundation to all truth and knowledge, and is therefore integrated in all subject areas and at every grade level. Our desire is to function in a complementary role with the home and church to produce individuals who can think critically and emanate a Christian worldview, becoming leaders and impactful members of society.

Peer Support
At Wesleyan, we find that teachers aren't the only ones encouraging students to do their very best. When a culture of excellence is established, each student becomes a conduit in the journey of the other's success. From assisting each other with homework to challenging them in their train of thought, our students are engaged, and desire to bring out the best in one another.

Your Child's Unique Design
Last but not least, our teachers understand that each student is designed with unique spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social gifts; therefore, each learns in different ways. To meet each student where they are, we incorporate a variety of instructional approaches and methods of assessment. Curriculum design, instructional strategies, and learning activities are based on distinct goals and challenging expectations for student success.

To learn more about how these tenets play out at each age and stage of your child's experience at Wesleyan, you can find the link to each school division in the left-hand menu of this page.