New Campus

Building for the Next Generation

For every house is built by someone, but God
is the builder of everything.
Hebrews 3:4

Summer 2019 Update:

WCA 2019 Ribbon Cutting Image

Click here to watch a video showing the development of the new campus and what it looks like today! 

Summer 2018

Throughout the summer, construction has continued to proceed, finding us even closer to finishing Phase 2 of development. The excitement and enthusiasm from you, our parents, faculty and staff, is palpable and we are extremely grateful for your support. To see an image of the campus at this stage, click here. 

As you know, there are so many neat opportunities when you start with a blank canvas (i.e., 70 acres of open fields), as Wesleyan did. On a number of occasions, Wesleyan families have asked, “What about adding this programming, or can we add this feature to the new property.” Without question, there are many enhancements that can be made to the new campus and we are enthusiastic about moving in that direction. To that end, we have been incredibly blessed once again to receive a major gift that will allow us to make even more significant progress at the new property in the year ahead. We look forward to sharing more with you very soon!


May 2018

We are excited to share with you that we exceeded the matching gift opportunity and celebrated four families that supported the campaign and won a scholarship for next school year. Finding the right words to appropriately express our gratitude to the Lord for moving the hearts of so many supporters is tough to do! To date, over $6.5 million has been raised and committed to this project. Many thanks to the families who have prayed for and given generously toward the Building for the Next Generation Capital Campaign.

The construction crews have been busy bulldozing, grading, installing utilities, and 70 acres of land is currently being developed for new levels of programming and athletic fields. It has been exciting to see the new property taking shape. How God moved in the hearts of our families to purchase and pay for this land, the progression of ideas of how we can best use this site to bless our children and families, the sacrificial gifts given in support of this vision, and to see now how close we are to finishing this second phase of development is both inspiring and humbling.

March 2018

Wesleyan Christian Academy has a unique opportunity, but we need your help!! 

With every dollar that you give to Wesleyan during this final phase, the school will receive two dollars. For example, if a family made a pledge of $1,000.00 (which is payable over a three year period), the school would receive $2,000.00.

Your investment will help the school significantly and the children we serve for many generations to come. Pledges must be received by May 31, 2018 in order to receive the match.

February 2018

Wonderful progress is being made on our new site on the corner of Johnson Street and Sandy Ridge Road! 

The construction crews have been busy bulldozing, grading, installing utilities, and 70 acres of land is currently being developed for exciting new levels of programming and athletic fields. 

Finding the right words to appropriately express our gratitude to the Lord for moving the hearts of so many supporters is tough to do.  To date, over $6.0 million has been raised and committed to this project.  How God allowed us to purchase and pay for this land, the progression of ideas of how we can best use this site to bless our children and families, the sacrificial gifts given in support of this vision, and to now see how close we are to finishing this second phase of development is both inspiring and humbling.  We want the entire Wesleyan family to be a part of what the Lord is choosing to bless and do, and we are so close to finishing this phase of the campaign. 

In just a few weeks, we will be holding several meetings for you to attend in order to see and hear the latest updates, the current projects being developed, and the larger vision of our future campus.  Please be on the lookout for an invitation to attend one of these meetings.  We have some cool opportunities in store for those who attend and get involved in one of these meetings.  More info to follow.

Many thanks to the countless families who have generously given toward the capital campaign.  We are also excited to share with you that we have been blessed with a matching gift opportunity between now and the end of May, as well as a forthcoming announcement which further solidifies the Lord’s presence and movement that He has set before us.

Please plan to attend one of the upcoming meetings.  We are excited about what the Lord is doing, and we look forward to sharing the latest with you soon.

Dr. Rob Brown      Mike Limpach
Head of School     School Board Chair

May 2017

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, members of Wesleyan’s school board and administration, current donors of the building campaign, and other special guests gathered at Wesleyan Christian Academy’s future location on Sandy Ridge Road for a groundbreaking and dedication ceremony for the next phase of our school development.

It was a wonderful celebration and a blessing for all in attendance, as the faithful hand of God has clearly been at work from the very beginning, even before the school’s inception.  Head of School Emeritus, Joel Farlow, shared that just as “God had a plan beyond anything we could have envisioned” when the academy was constructed in 1970, we can be encouraged that today God has a specific plan for this phase of development, and the future of Wesleyan Christian Academy.

To date, more than $5.3 million has been raised for this campaign!  We will continue to meet with and invite our families and friends to partner with us to raise the necessary funds to incorporate the site development, outdoor programming, and a few athletic fields into this phase. You will see bulldozers beginning the site development work this summer, and once construction is complete, we will hold a Ribbon Cutting event, inviting our entire school family to celebrate this exciting milestone.

Please click here to read an article about the Groundbreaking ceremony that appeared in The High Point Enterprise.

September 2017

Exciting Things are Happening at the Corner of Johnson Street and Sandy Ridge Road!!!

In April, Wesleyan held a groundbreaking ceremony for the next phase of development at our new property at the corner of Johnson Street and Sandy Ridge Road in High Point. Wesleyan’s Head of School, Dr. Rob Brown, asked the guests attending to imagine what the future will look like on this new campus. More than $5.5 million has been graciously given by donors and this vision is becoming a reality. The groundwork of bulldozing and grading has begun. Please take a moment to watch a short and exciting new video that chronicles the development of the property from the beginning to the present (click here to watch). The Lord is moving, wonderful things are taking place, and we don’t want you to miss being a part of it!

Many thanks goes to countless families who have generously given toward the capital campaign.  There are still funds that need to be raised in order to close the gap between the construction costs that were estimated two years ago and today’s actual cost. If you are interested in learning more about this phase and ways you can support it, please contact Alana Greene or me at (336) 884-3333. We truly are Building for the Next Generation.

It is our desire to keep you updated, so watch for more pictures and information that will be coming soon!



April 2017


Architects, engineers and contractors have been fully engaged and are under contract as the planning continues. We are blessed to have donors who have committed to over 5 million dollars for the site development of the new campus.  We anticipate breaking ground later this summer.  As the final bids come in for this development, we will soon share a full description of all the projects that will begin to take shape on the new site.  Join us as we thank the Lord, and our families and friends, who have helped us reach this incredible milestone.  Your continuous prayers and financial support will be essential as we seek to complete this next phase of the new campus.  Thanks to our strong supporters, we are in a fortunate position that no tuition dollars have been spent on this expansion.  We are so excited with the level of new programming and sports and recreational opportunities that will be provided for all ages by this time next year…God is so good!


September 2016

The Lord has blessed us with a strong start to the first three weeks of school, and we continue to be overwhelmed through God’s goodness with such incredible families and students. 

We are especially thankful for the Lord providing excellent new faculty, new programming, and facility upgrades.  I am often reminded that not all schools are blessed with the kinds of resources we have and am most appreciative for our families’ level of trust and giving to the school. 

Many of you know that we make excellent use of the 66 acres on the corner of Johnson Street and Sandy Ridge Road for field trips, Cross Country practice, meets, Trojan Trot, Lacrosse practice, Lee’s Legacy Run, and recently converted the beautiful barn to an indoor batting cage for the baseball and softball teams. We are so pleased to share that one of the extraordinary blessings we received this summer was a very generous gift to the capital campaign that will help expedite the land and recreational development of the new campus.

Many of you know we have been in the quiet phase of the campaign for the past two years and have been blessed with lead gifts in order to begin the site development, construction of recreational areas, and some of the athletic fields.  We have carefully refined this phase of the process with much input and help from strategic partners.  We will continue to meet with families and friends to raise the needed funds to incorporate as much of the programming as possible in this phase.  It is our hope that the Lord will allow all the approvals, permits, and final funding so we can break ground this spring or summer. 

Finally, there is one more rezoning request that has been filed with the city and neighborhood meetings will occur much sooner than expected. This is good and encouraging news.

September 2015

Over the past year, we have been meeting with families one-on-one, touring the new school property and sharing the vision of Wesleyan’s future campus. Through the generosity of many, we have been encouraged as the campaign continues to move forward. We are excited about how God has been leading us throughout this process, and we continue to seek His direction as we plan for expansion and other exciting educational opportunities. The school board will soon be deciding when it will be prudent to go public with the campaign and also break ground. We will be inviting all of our families to partner with us in this endeavor and we covet your prayers to turn this task into a reality. Thank you for your support. We look forward to what God has in store for Wesleyan Christian Academy, not only for our current families, but for future generations!

September 2014

In His perfect timing, the Lord provided 68 acres in the “heart of the Triad” at the corner of Sandy Ridge Road and Johnson Street. This new property frees us from previous constraints and will allow us to faithfully seek God’s direction for expansion and other exciting educational opportunities. 

The true “first phase” of this development was obtaining the land in 2010 and becoming completely debt-free in this acquisition. Since 2012, we have gone through the process of zoning, architectural renderings, engineering studies, etc. We are now (as of the summer 2014) in the leadership “quiet phase” of this campaign, meeting with the first of our donors one-on-one to share the vision of the development of this property.

We need your prayers to turn this God-sized task into a reality and to prepare Wesleyan Christian Academy for the current and future generations of Wesleyan families. We will continue to keep you updated on the campaign as we move forward.

September 2013

As you may know, the current location of Wesleyan Christian Academy on Centennial Street includes 26 acres of land and 210,000 square feet of facility space.  Over the past 40 years, the academy program has grown in enrollment as well as in the number of programs provided to students. As a result, the current site is at capacity, and options for future expansion are very limited.

Fortunately, in 2010 the academy acquired 66 acres of land on Sandy Ridge Road through the generosity and assistance of wonderful donors. The School Board and Administrative Team have been looking into the possible future use of the new property and toward that end are developing a master site plan, estimating relocation cost, and preparing a transition time line.  As part of this process and to evaluate future goals for our school, Wesleyan has contracted with the Timothy Group to conduct a feasibility study this fall. This important step will give us valuable information that will help determine how and when we can move forward.

The challenge is great, but the long history of the school includes many examples of God’s faithfulness in providentially placing individuals in the right place at the right time. Please be in prayer as we seek to determine the support and direction with this new opportunity; we are anticipating His faithfulness in meeting our needs.

Our first playground at the new campus is almost ready for our youngest  Wesleyan students and friends. 


SRC_Open_Air_Bldg_Summer 2018

Our first significant structure on the new campus is this open-air building that is located at the center of the campus. 


An inside view of the open-air building.


A view of what will be our new soccer and lacrosse field.



A beautiful view of home plate and the pitcher's mound on our new baseball field.