We accept applications year-round for all positions.

Are you looking for a place to work that allows you to help impact children and young people in developing their integrity, wisdom, knowledge, and biblical world view? At Wesleyan Christian Academy, we are looking for faculty and staff members that are passionate about serving Jesus Christ and sharing that vision.

A vital resource at Wesleyan Education Center is the faculty and staff who serve the children and students on a daily basis. Whether in the classroom as an instructor or in a supportive role, every employee brings to the campus unique and special talents that God has provided. Represented within the faculty and staff are employees who are beginning their first year of service as well as those who have more than 35 years of service. Full and part-time positions are included within the staff.


Current Employment Opportunities

For the Academy

MS Wrestling Head Coach

We are currently seeking a Middle School Wrestling Head Coach for the 2018-19 school year. 

If interested, please download and complete the Coaching Staff Application found in the black box on this page. Please direct questions, resumés and/or applications to Glen Foster at gfoster@wcatrojans.org.

After School Program Leader

Our After School Program Leaders are required to care for a small group of school aged children. This includes a snack time, rotating through stations, and outdoor time. A leader must be able to engage with, instruct, and keep each child safe. They are responsible for carrying out the plans created for them. The hours for this job are 2:00 - 5:30 pm M-F during the months of August - May.

If interested, please download and complete the Early Education Center Application found in the black box on this page. Please direct questions/or applications to Amy McNeill at amcneill@wcatrojans.org.

For the Early Education Center

Substitute Teacher

Monday - Friday
Infants to School Age Children 

Flexible Schedule

If interested, please download and complete the Early Education Center Application found in the black box on this page. Please include a current resumé with your application packet. Direct questions and/or applications to Emily Orman at eorman@wcatrojans.org.


Statement of Diversity

With Galatians 3:28 as our premise – “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus,” Wesleyan seeks to achieve a makeup of staff and students from a broad ethnic, racial and socio-economic background that is reflective of the global community in which we live, minister, and work. Within our specifically designed framework, we welcome and acknowledge the many God-given talents of diverse learners while maintaining our commitment to high academic standards. Our intent is to not meet any “quotas”, but to create an atmosphere where each child can understand, respect, and celebrate the differences that God has created and ordained in His sovereign creation of mankind. 

Within a biblical framework that focuses on the unity of believers in Jesus Christ, we want to expose our children to a multi-cultural environment where the truth of God’s word is proclaimed and lived out daily. We intentionally want every student, parent and staff member to feel welcomed and appreciated for the way the Lord originally created their unique heritage. Wesleyan is proud that our diversity in our student body has increased to 17%.

Application Process

    1.    Download the appropriate application from the black box on this page.
    2.    Use the fillable PDF to digitally complete your application. 
    3.    Print each page and sign where applicable.
    4.    Attach a resumé and any other requested documents.
    5.    Drop off all documents to the main academy office.

All applications will remain on file for two years. If an opening occurs, your application will be forwarded to the appropriate administrator. Strong consideration will be given to those who have a graduate degree with approximate experience and excellent references.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

Wesleyan Christian Academy does not discriminate against any applicant or staff member relative to race, color, sex, age, disability, national, or ethnic origin. Please click here for more information.