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  • Five WCA Faculty Receive Master’s and Doctorate Degrees

    God has blessed Wesleyan with incredible teachers who make the educational process a strong one. They bring a high level of commitment to their work because teaching is not only a job for them but also a calling. It is with this kind of enthusiasm and dedication that Wesleyan’s faculty continually strive for excellence in their teaching by visiting and learning from other prominent schools, attending conferences and even pursuing a higher level of education for themselves.  With this in mind, we would like to congratulate five of our faculty members who have recently earned a master’s or doctorate degree in specialized academic fields.

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  • How Does Wesleyan Truthfully, but Graciously, Respond to all the Media and Legal Attention on Issues like Gender Identity, Same-Sex Marriage and Civil Rights of the LGBT Culture? 

    The title of this article can be a little unsettling given we are indeed a Christian school and some would assume that our environment would be sheltered from today’s cultural shifts.   Most of us would agree that we are unquestionably living through some of the most reckless cultural changes our country has ever experienced.  It is astonishing to see how quickly our leaders and our nation have embraced, and actually demand, a celebration of a self-indulgent way of living.
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  • History Teacher Receives Award of the Year

    One of the greatest responsibilities as a teacher is to impart knowledge to his or her students.  For high school Government and Honors/AP Government teacher, Philip Merritt, teaching means more than just imparting to students a list of historical facts.  
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  • Student Body Rallies Behind Their Teammate

    WCA’s wrestling team has become more than just a group of athletes competing on the mat. Because of a recent traumatic event with one of their teammates, they have become a stronger family. Grayson Pietrantozzi, a junior at Wesleyan, is one of the top heavyweight wrestlers on the team. On January 13, Grayson’s life took a surprise turn for what appeared to be a devastating event.  
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Located in High Point, NC,  Wesleyan Christian Academy and Childcare is a private Christian-based, college preparatory school offering Childcare, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High school programs along with a program for students with diagnosed learning disabilities.